The Pomeranians travel the region

The Pomeranian family are the protagonists of the “Feel the Climate” campaign led by employees of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk. They are up against quite a challenge. The Pomeranians  learn how to sensibly use shrinking water and energy resources, and how to improve the quality of air. They have understood that humans generate too much waste, and that they can recover a significant portion of raw materials by treating such waste appropriately. And that it’s beneficial to care about biodiversity. Videos, games and educational guides have been posted at and on social media. Competitions with attractive prizes are under way as well. Moreover, you can meet the Pomeranians at studio cinemas, medical and shopping centres, in buses and Fast Urban Railway (SKM) carriages.


Another component of the project is an interactive outdoor exhibition. It explains environmental phenomena in simple terms, and the Pomeranian family are our guides to the exposition, which is made up of three large solid figures; each one, in addition to information, provides interactive games and activities. Everything is intended to educate us in an interesting and unique manner. You can learn about the Adventures of the Pomeranian Family at the exhibition until the end of 2019 in various Pomeranian cities.