Shrink‑wrapped vegetables and fruit on polystyrene trays, rice and groat portions in separate bags, individually‑wrapped cheese slices… More and more food products are being sold in redundant packages. And we’ve known for a long time that the most effective waste reduction method is to refrain from buying packaged products.


Fight excessive packaging (waste):

Drink tap water instead of bottled water! Its quality is similar to that of popular “mineral” waters. Read expert opinions at


Choose products without redundant packaging—you can (and should) just as well buy vegetables and fruit in bulk! Rice and groats are available in collective packages—you can measure an appropriate portion yourself before cooking.


Buy fresh unprocessed products! You will limit the amount of packaging and your health will benefit from this: less artificial ingredients in your diets, less preservatives.


Buy products by the pound and take advantage of reusable packages! More and more stores allow you to buy products in the amount you need. Furthermore, you reduce the risk of wasting food.


Buy larger packages: instead of six small bottles of beverage buy one large bottle!

Do it yourself. Isn’t juice squeezed from fresh fruit or home‑made pâté tastier?