The Pomorski family feels the climate. Be like the Pomorski family!

The Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk (Wojewódzki Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej w Gdańsku) launched a three-year education and awareness campaign focused on sustainable development of the region of Pomerania (Pomorze). The Pomorski family feels the climate (Pomorscy czują klimat!) campaign is addressed to both residents and tourists visiting the region.


The objective of the campaign is to disseminate simple hints that can play a part in the change of Pomerania residents’ habits and thus contribute to saving non-renewable resources, reduced consumption and raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity.


The environment-friendly content will be conveyed through the campaign’s main characters, that is members of the Pomorskie family, who will learn the environmental footprint of their daily actions. Account of the family’s adventures will be presented in a series of short animated films. In each episode family members will face a different challenge, for instance shortage of water at home which might happen if water is recklessly consumed. In another episode, the father of the family will become upset at the discovery that the world’s energy resources are running out. However, it will not immediately translate into any deliberate change in his lifestyle, such as turning off the light when leaving the room or removing chargers from the outlets. Eventually, a freezing cold sets into the house of the far from energy-efficient Pomorskie family. In the end, a simple solution for all these problems is found, that is saving the resources, which contributes to health improvement and financial savings. The family members have been portrayed in such a way so that every inhabitant of the Pomerania region and other regions can identify with them.


The campaign will be communicated through channels such as the social media, i.e. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Google Plus, local websites, press, radio and television. The Pomorskie family will appear on posters and screens in public transportation service.